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Aerosion - The game
The mysterious Aerodium is the only source of energy assuring the survival of the terrestrial separatists in the near future of our planet.

Dive into a world of cunning sci-fi dogfights amidst a stunningly detailed environment. The game is accompanied by a orchestral soundtrack and presented with cutting edge graphics. Feel your veins throb with adrenaline with this highspeed-multiplayer actiongame!

Download the Story as PDF, written by M. Hochholdinger.

Game Features
- Multiplayermodus for up to 8 players over LAN and Internet
- Breathtaking visual environment
- Highly detailed player models
- Orchestral soundtrack and additional rocktracks
- Story based game mode
- Enthralling arcade action

Aerosion is using our in-house developed 3d engine yak3d
which offers superior quality and performance for cutting
edge graphic applications.

Engine Features
- Fully dynamic perpixel phong lighting including normal mapped specular highlights and soft realtime shadows
- Support for precalculated radiosity light transfer functions
- Virtual displacement mapping aka parallax mapping
- High dynamic range filtering with light blooms
- Fresnel attenuated realtime reflections featuring true reflective bumpmapping and refraction
- Fragment based motion blur
- Massive particle explosions and detailed smoke effects
- High polygon numbers accelerated by SSE features


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